What to check when buying a used Toyota Rav4

If you have always wanted to own a Toyota Rav4 but don’t really have the budget to buy a new one, then you do not have to worry anymore as you can get a used one at a fairly good price. The Toyota Rav4 is one of the best 4WD cars that Toyota has ever made. At first, it used to be a small two door 4WD when it was introduced in 1994. Today, you can find either a two door or four door one. Basically the four door one has more passenger space than the two door one as it has a short wheelbase.


Why the Rav4 is a great deal

The Toyota Rav4 is a good conqueror of the Aussie outback. Although Toyota has plenty of SUVs and 4WDs that can conquer the outback, it has a couple of unique features that make it the best for that. First of all, when it comes to off road driving, this vehicle gives you a perfect ground clearance, ramp angles and massive wheels to tackle any rough areas and rocks alike.


Rav4 used a 2.0 liter engine before being improved to a 2.4 liter and later a 3.5 liter engine in 2007. If you are looking for a 4 speed automatic transmission or 5 speed manual gearbox, there is nothing to worry about because the types are easily available. If you are worried about spare parts, then contact your nearest Toyota dealer. Toyota has dealers across the world where you can get your car serviced as well as get spare parts. Here are some things to check in order to know whether the car is in good condition before buying it.


What to look out for when purchasing a used Toyota Rav4


Apart from checking the above mentioned specs, there are other things that you need to look for such as damaged parts and corrosion. Although the Toyota Rav4 is a well built vehicle, it’s advisable to have a full inspection before buying a used one.


Makes sure you look keenly for any underbody or panel damages. This is recommended although many Rav4s do not get out of the highways.

You will also need to check the body paint, all edges and door sills for any scratches. If there are any scratches, this means that the car has been in contact with rough areas and may cost more for paint jobs.

When checking underneath the Rav4, look out for salty components such as sand. This is helpful even though the Rav4 is rust proof. Salt water is very dangerous and corrodes steel if given a chance. Have a keen look at the trim as there may be some destruction from rain water or salty beach water.


Check the transmission carefully and ensure that there aren’t any loose components that are usually as a result of extreme off road driving. Make sure that the Rav4’s engine starts at its first attempt each time. Also ensure that the engine idles quietly at all times even in extreme weather conditions.


Try and accelerate hard to see if there is any smoke coming from the exhaust. If there is any, the engine may be faulty. Check your manual transmissions for any faults especially when it’s impossible to move from a higher gear to a lower one. In the same case, automatic transmissions may tend to be slow or reluctant to change from parking or neutral to Drive.


Finally, you may check the mileage and most importantly, avoid a Rav4 that has been off road. Nevertheless, this is pretty simple as most of them are used to commute to work on a daily basis in urban centers.