Which stylish SUV Will You Want To Buy? -ISUZU BIGHORN or TOYOTA HILUX SURF

Isuzu one of the largest Japanese automobile manufacturers introduced the Isuzu Trooper in the 1980’s.  This Isuzu trooper was introduced into the international market under various name variations such as Isuzu Bighorn, Isuzu Trooper I and II, Acura, Subaru Bighorn, Holden Jackaroo and some more names.  The concept of Isuzu Bighorn was a midsized SUV and did capture market from the 1981 to the latest in 2005.  During this tenure about three generations were marketed.  After 2005, the export market has ceased but domestic market still goes on.

The first generation Isuzu Bighorn was a SUV which had 3 and 5 door options.  It had a gas engine and diesel powered engines. It was given the four wheel drive option along with the manual locking three-position shifter.   In the year 1986, some important changes took part in the carburetor and improvised on the coolant flow thus improving the machine capacity. In 1988, the engine was introduced with higher power and I-Tec engines in the US market. This had a four cylinder and auto transmission powered engine. Later on some more changes happened and then came the turbo charged engines.  The second generation Isuzu Trooper became much smarter and powerful in the engine capacity.  The engines were redesigned and the SUV became the name in the market.  This Isuzu Bighorn was larger and powerful along with all the luxury amenities.  Most of the SUVs had a part time four wheel drive only when this system was needed.  Then in the year 2000 again the design changed and a robust grill took the lead in the design and a five speed manual transmission was introduced.  Isuzu worked with Honda and thus was introduced the Acura SLX, with Chevrolet, it had Chevrolet Trooper, the other names were Subaru Bighorn, Holden Monterey etc.  This Isuzu Bighorn has been a popular name in most of the motor sport activities.  It has won awards in the Australian Safari, Paris Dakar Rally and even Pharaoh’s Rally.

The other important name in the off road SUV manufactured by another Japanese well known auto manufacturer is the Toyota.  This vehicle Toyota Hilux Surf was mostly a domestic vehicle made and sold in Japan.  Later on the business expanded and Toyota Hilux reached the countries such as Australia, New Zealand, UK, Pakistan, Afghanistan and some other countries.   This midsized SUV became more popular as a pickup truck. But the first two generations were more like the pickup vans. The third and fourth generations has transformed designs and were made with the international standard of market in mind.  These were sold in the US and Australia with the nomenclature as Toyota 4Runner.  Most of the US calls this as a truck.  The Toyota Hilux is a very strong body and chassis make.  It comes with a 4 cylinder and turbo diesel with five speed manual transmission engine.  This is also a very well accepted SUV and is very popular because of its built and its capacity to run on the off road conditions in easy manner.

We could conclude that both the giant automobile manufacturers have given us the best of the SUV’s of the time.  Each one has got some unique features to boast about and this was the reason of the huge success in the markets whether domestic or the international.  The specific engine makes up and the ability to recognize the latest trends and demands of the people and putting all those into practicality was the most important aspect of the popularity of both Isuzu Bighorn and Toyota Hilux Surf. Both of them have their own style and personality according to the choice of hundreds of people around the globe.