How to understand proper hand placement and seat position?

Control and comfort are two basic factors, which should be taken care of while driving a car. It will not only give you a wonderful driving experience but will significantly eliminate the chances of an accident. The positions of the seat and correct hand placement are the key aspect corresponding to better comfort and control while driving. In this article, we will inform and educate you about the most suitable seating positions and hand placements to improve the overall safety and comfort.

In the context of seating positions, the very first thing is to get yourself in the correct seating position. You must learn to sit straight in such a way that your back and buttocks are square. Squeeze yourself completely into the seat so that angle made by your back and thighs should be the same angle as that of the seat itself. This will keep you attentive and prevent possible back injuries and backache.

Adjusting the seat distance should also be done according to individual drivers. You should adjust it in such a way that your knees remain slightly bent (around 120 degrees), even with fully depressed pedals. If the knee angle is less than 100 degrees, then the seat is too close, and it may block the blood circulation. On the other hand, completely stretched legs may cause the situation of knee-lockup. Just remember, if your wrists are meeting the steering wheel without shoulders getting off the seat, then your seat distance is fine and comfortable enough.

Keeping the rake the rake of the seat parallel to the seat will give a comfortable movement for hands while steering. In many cars, like Toyota Camry and Nissan Sunny, the steering wheel in nearly horizontal, hence it’s not possible to have a parallel seat rack. Therefore, it can be adjusted for approximately 110 degree angle.

The height of the seat should be adjusted in such a way that it allows a clear view of the dashboard and the road ahead of you through the windshield. A good seating position also includes the comfort of reaching the gear, so make sure you are not getting your back off the seat for changing the gear.

Placement of hands is another factor that contributes significantly in the comfort of driving and control of the car. You must have both the hands on the wheel that too at 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock positions. This gives you maximum leverage on the wheel. The placement of the palm should be against the outer portion of the wheel. Do not make the mistake of grabbing the steering wheel with the thumbs inside, because if your thumbs are inside and a collision occurs, then steering wheel may turn, and it may break your thumbs.

While making a turn you must use a hand-over-hand method or a push-pull method. Hand over hand method, the hands cross each other while turning the wheel whereas in push-pull method, it is poised for half revolution by one hand then pulled for the remaining half of the second one. Making the mistake of using only one hand or turning the wheel from inside or underneath can be fatal as you may lose the wheel. Moreover, the steering wheel should also not be let to spin freely after completing a turn. Putting the hands inside the wheel can also be equally dangerous, and you may end up losing your hand if an accident occurs. Many people are seen making the mistake of steering with one hand and keeping the other hand on the gear. Keeping the hands on the gear is itself very dangerous step leave alone one hand steering.